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Monday, 8 February 2010

Celebrity Lookin' Hot! And...Maybe not! #1

Wehayy! This is 'Celebrity Lookin' Hot! And...Maybe Not!' This is the first edition.

2 Celebritys
1 Looking hot
1 And one....Not!

Simple! Got it? Let's get cracking! This editions contenders are Pixie Lott and Lindsay Lohan, So, which one is lookin' hot? There's only one way to find out...FIIIIGGGHHHHHTTT! No, unfortunately, I'm not Harry hill :( Lol, but yep, juding you've already seen the picture below, Pixie Lott is lookin' hot!

Lookin' Hot:

I adore Pixie's style. She's really out-going with it and it looks cool. This outfit for example, I believe it was for one of those concert things. Totally forgot what there called! :/ Be honest ladies, if you saw those shorts in a shop, you'd turn your nose up at it. But it really looks good on Pixie. The red wellies keep it down to Earth aswell, an extra bonus! :D A plain black vest top and sunglasses keep it very cool. The bracelets keep it busy and her hair. A simple plait. How amaze is that?

Simple, stylish and lovely. A simple dress and sandals make this comfortable and cool. The bag and cardigan compliment the dressm and this floaty number doesn't make Pixie look like she's had a few too many pies ;) Loveagee!!!!

And...Maybe not:

Umm....where do I start? Number 1- Those leggings and legwarmers? Bin pleasee! Just look. I can't describe that! Ehhhhh!! number 2- an outfit more suited for the bedroom I think...How can you walk in public dressed like that?! And that dark-gothic lipstick? No thanks.....

Opinons? Celebritie's you want me to review? Let me know!
Sarah xoxo

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