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Friday, 19 February 2010

My Sknicare routine

Sorry for the lack of posts :( Half term has been about shopping, chilling and sleeping! :D
So I was thinking about doing this post, fairly helpful in some cases, and alot of products I recomend. So maybe you could ask for some reviews? 'Hint Hint' ;) So let's go!

1. Ok I'll start with my face. I shower at night on Sunday-Thursday. (I'll either have a bath or a wash on Friday. It's not acctually that good for you to was so much everyday so on Friday I generally just wash. On Saturday I shower in the morning.

Before I shower on a night, I apply Soap & glory's Clean Mary. I leave it on why I'm in the shower and once dried, I wash off before moisturising my body.

2. Then I'll moisturise my body. I either use soap & Glory's Righteous Butter, or (newly bought) Body shop Mango Body Butter. (I use the small butter, 50ml.)

3. Every-other-day I exfoliate in the shower. (It's not good to do this every day, as it can dry out skin.) I use Soap & Glory's Flake Away. I also use the Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel. I love Soap & Glory. It's just amazing and ALL their products smell good :)

4. To moisturise my face I use The Body Shop Vitiman C Skin Reviver. It's expensive yes, and very small. You don't necessarily get results straight away, but after a few days it really works :)

5. To remove Make-up, I use Simple Cleansing Wipes. They're good to use, and gentle on the skin.

6. Once or twice a wek, I use Soap & Glorys Fab Pore Intensive Facial Peel. This helps shrink pores and keeps skin baby soft.

7. On my hands (clearly!) and sometimes my elbows I use Soap & Glorys Hand Food. Smells divine, is fast drying and just utterly gorgeus.


Soap & Glory Clean Mary £6

Soap & Glory The righteous butter Small-£2.50 Big-£10.00

The Body Shop Body Butter (Mango) Small-£5.00 Big-£12.50

Soap & Glorys Flake Away Small-£2.50 Big-£6.50

Soap & Glory's Clean On Me Shower Gel Small-£2.50 Big-£5.00

The Body Shop Vitiman C Skin Reviver £12.50

Simple cleansing Wipes

Soap & GLorys Fab Pore 15 minutes Facial Peel £6.00

Soap & Glorys Hand Food Small-£2.50 Big £4.00

I hope this post was helpful! Questions? Comments? Requests? Write Below!

Sarah xx

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