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Hi, I'm Sarah. And into all things Make-up, hair and anything else girly related! I've watched Youtube videos and read blogs for ages! I'm new to actually doing it, so please, bare with me! xo.

Monday, 8 February 2010

NOTW 1: Barry M 305 Pink Flamingo

NOTW = Nails Of The Week :)

I love Barry M nail paints (And I only have 3! LOOL!) They go on easy, and the colours are great. Last Saturday, 6th Feb, I bought number 305, pink Flamingo. And it's really cool!

It looks orange in the picture, but beleive me, it's pink! (Hence the name!!) I guess it sorta changes in the light. I have the worst lighting in my room, and it looks a very pinky pink. When I'm in my bathroom however, it looks a coral, almost orange colour. It's really cool. And looks good no matter what colour it looks!

It costs £2.95 from Superdrug and Boots in the U.K, and is a great price. you get 10ml and it is just great! Give it a try! :)My hand looks dreadful I know : It looks very pink, but as said, it's about the lighting. but trust me, it is Pink Flamingo! That's a real cool name? 'Pink Flamingo' who came up with that? It's awesome! ;D

My hand looks incredibly gay but yeahh : Click the picture for a closer look at the colour! :)
Pink Flamingo lover,
Sarah oxo


  1. I have this colour, it's amazing! xx

  2. @ Frances
    I know! Too cool ;) Do you find that in some lights it's pink, and in others an coral almost orange colour? Or is it just me? ;) xx