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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

January Favourites :)

Hey :) I know this is late, but I'm doing it now otherwise I'll never actually do it! And I should start with January right? I've tried to get a variety, but I had to say the things I'm loving this month! :)

Quick Note: Apoligies for the poor quality of photos :S The lighting in my room is shocking! :(

Ok, I keep my long necklaces in my wardrobe, and I love 'em! They just make an outfit don't they? They go with absolutely everything, and make your figure nicer :)
Soap & Glory Hand Food:
You may have seen this in my Haul, but I can't get enough! I have the small one and the big one. The small one is in my handbag, since the cold weather makes my hands go quite dry :/ This is heaven! Non-greasy, quick drying, very moisturising and smells great - what more could you want?
The full size one costs £4.50 and the mini one is £2.25, a bargain I must say! I got this with 1/3 off, which is still on at Boots! Go now before the offer runs out, you save so much money! With the 1/3 off the full size one is £2.99, a cool saving of £1.51 and the mini one is £1.49, a wicked saving of 76p! That makes it seem a whole lot better! :)
an extra bonus is that you don't need much, and trust me, you really don't need much. That's the only thing I dont like about the big one, too much comes out but the little one is fine :)
If you smell the tube, you can hardly smell it, but once rubbed in your hands it smells really sweet and marshmallow like. Gorgeus!

False Lash Effect Mascara:
Sorry for the dodgy photo :(

Soap & Glory eau de Soap & Glory Formula 2:
So, as you can tell, I'm a huge S&G fan,I love it! This is their perfume, and its gorgues! I'm awful at explaining smells, so I'll leave you to go have a smell in Boots yourself :)
Look how cute the packaging is, and it's not one of those cheap card boxes, its really sturdy :) The bottle is cute, and not too 'extra' as I like to say ;)
I'ts £15.00 from boots, or if like me, you get it in the 1/3 off sale, it's £10.00 :D

Barry M Nail Paints:

£2.95, Boots or Superdrug. Fab-u-lous! :D These are great, last a long time and the colours are cool :) I have 3. and love 'em all. Sorry for bad quality photo :(

(l-r) 279 Bright Pink, 305 Pink Flamingo, 272 Shocking Pink

There's loads of colours and they're really good! Recomend? Defo :)

Thick Socks:

Not the nicest to look at, I know. But they're so warm! Espiecally when Mother Nature can't make up her mind, 'Snow, wind, rain, make it a bit warmer for a day then go back to freezing? I can't decide!' they're perfect :) Espiecally with Uggs, so nicee! :)

So they're my Janruary favourites, questions? Just comment and I WILL get back A.S.A.P
Sarah xxx

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