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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So, it's time for my first haul! :D
Today, I was walking to my friends for a list to dance, and had a quick pop in Boots (My fave! ;) )

I needed make-up wipes, but came out with more! :) So, lets start! :)I got two Simple Cleansing Facial wipes and a S&G Flake Away (Mini) And S&G Hand Food (Full size)

I needed some make-up remover wipes, so had a look round Boots, these were 2 for £4, so I got them. I'm actually using one now! loool! :) And they'er OK. Quite hard to get mascara off, but aren't harsh on my skin so, they're are ok but I wouldn't 100% recommend them!

Soap & Glory Flake Away. AMAZING!! Its practically an exfoliater, and feels like your rubbing sand on your skin. But my skin is so soft! I use this beauty every other day. It's heaven! It smells gawg too! :)

Last product! Soap & Glory's Hand Food. The perfect hand cream in my opinion :) Its not greasy, and smells sweet, of marshmallows :) It dries in like 0.000001 seconds! Lovagee!

So that's mt little haul. Hope you liked it! :)
Sarah xx

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